When do you ship? Packages are shipped daily

How long does shipping usually take? typically 3-7 business days after order has been shipped.

How to Purchase? cherishyourbeautyllc.com website purchase only 

Can I just give you cash upon arrival? No payment must be secured before any delivery. 

where do I pick up? In salon or designated meeting Spot.

Do you deliver? Yes

Do you have to pay first before order is delivered. Yes

What are your prices? Prices are listed directly on website next to your item.

Why is there a shipping fee? It cost to ship items through USPS


If I live in Dallas do I Have to use the website? Yes we do offer pick up and delivery services, however to cut back on inquires that are not serious please utilize the website. Dallas residents use Discount Code:DALLAS when you check out to take away shipping cost. You will be contacted to set up delivery and pickup times, there must be a $20 minimum purchase for delivery.

How many times can I wear the lashes? faux minks collection 5-7 times,3D minks 15xs, 25mm Collection 25xs.

How do I apply Lashes, I Have a tutorial on my Youtube  feel free to check it out.

How do I Remove Lashes? at the end of the strip gently tug lash, and remove if the glue is either hurting or to hard to remove, take a oil free makeup remover rub gently on lash band.

how do I clean Lashes? use a gentle shampoo or a oil less make up remover, gently remove the glue and brush lashes with lash brush,to remove dirt and debris, put back in box and let air dry.

What is shelf life of lipstick? 3 years