$10.00 - $175.00

Please read carefully to ensure that you know exactly what you need for booking.

As a Traveler I'm offering my services at a discounted rate, my itineraries and services are soley on my personal experiences. I have access to discounted rates, and have partnerships with the tourism board and incentives in the areas I specialize in for you to get the best rates. You will
be getting true recommendations to ensure you have an amazing time. My rates are more affordable than the average travel agent, simply because travel is a passion of mine, and every trip I have been on I organized from start to finish.
I Specialize in Girls Trips,baecations, solo trips and trips to Jamaica. I'm Certified in Jamaica Bahamas,Belize,Puerto Rico, Miami and Dominican Republic.

TRAVEL CONSULTATION (non refundable)
This is to discuss your wants, needs budget, location, type of trip, flight dates, expectations prior to booking travel services, travel consultation must be purchased to begin any travel itineraries services & packages. If trip or services are booked this will go towards your balance if total is greater value.

7 days and up to 10 Guest
Itinerary will include 5-7 day will include
Flight recommendations (if not booked for better rates) links
Hotel/Resort and Air B N B recommendations with links
Driver if needed (for international trips only ) contact and booking information included (Depending on how many guest will determine your rate)
Best ways to commute
Day by day plans includes day and night activities activities, excursions,restaurants and bars links and addresses included
Excursions and reservations you are responsible for on your own.
1-2 day stay in (fun games nights or themed party ideas) recommend for girls trips
Outfit recommendations and clickable links
Themed out fit days
Luggage links
Passport cover links
To shop
Suggested Budget
Packing list
Safety tips
Documents needed
Important contacts
Land marks
Social media Captions

1-4 day will include day will include day and nights activity, restaurants recommendations drivers (international only) for those that will be staying on a resort or a roadtrip. Documents needed, Important contacts suggested budget. Money conversion information if (international)

Email names or pictures of people that are going so Itinerary can be customized.

Once I receive payment I will then email over a small questionnaire to get started. depending on length of stay and guest 24 Hour- to 1 week turn around customized Itinerary will be sent to your email.

(Itineraries do not include booking)

Customized travel invitation based on your destination stating rules,expectations and dates of flights and links to make it out the group chat.

All other services will be add ons or al la cart services.

All itineraries include flight research and hotel research and driver if international.
Customer will be responsible for your booking rooms and flights that are provided unless added on or utilizing the package deals.
The price of hotel and flight and Excursions will be available and is solely responsible on guest. Once customer comes to agreement of flight and room arrangements there will be a quote of cost and will be sent link and break down of total.

Includes 4-7day full itinerary as stated above
Booking of Hotel and Flights and Excursions
and (Driver for international) guest are responsible for the flight and hotel cost this is the fee required for booking (prices of hotel are subject to change)

1-3 Day
Includes Full itinerary
Booking of hotel air b n b or hotel, flight and Excursions
and driver for international only guest are responsible for flight and hotel cost this fee for booking. (Prices of flight and hotel are subject to change)

To book Passport scheduling Flight Booking Hotel Booking and Excursions I will need full
I will need exact government names and personal information such as name and not limited to address and email address of parties involved
You will be responsible for accurate up to date documents upon arrival of passport appointments
Passport must be 6mos from being expired with atleast 1 page free of stamps
Drivers license/ID must be active

There will be communication via email or your preferred communication, to secure information details all itineraries prices etc. Itinerary will also be sent via email.

There will be an half off on packages only, itineraries and research al la cart fees, are non refundable. Hotel and flights and excursions will depend on the individual company and will be given upon booking.